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Ebook - Before We Become Extinct - How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair?

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Do you struggle with finding the confidence to wear your natural woolly hair? Are you already wearing your woolly hair but often feel self-conscious? Are you worried about what friends and family may say if you did the “big chop”? Do you feel your natural woolly hair isn’t professional enough to wear at work or not cool enough to socialise in?


In a world where your natural hair is rarely represented in the beauty spaces, such as billboards, magazines, movies and music videos, it’s understandable that you might feel your spectacular woolly hair is socially-unacceptable. Even in our own media - black movies, music videos and black beauty magazines you often don’t see your natural hair represented.




‘Before We Become Extinct: How Do I Get the Confidence to Wear My Natural Woolly Hair?’


The book that frees your mind.


In this book you’ll learn to:


  • Overcome rejection
  • Confidently wear your hair at work
  • Deal with damaged hair
  • Improve your overall health
  • Be YOU in your relationships
  • Empower your daughters
  • Educate your sons



With ‘seven steps to wool confidence’ and ‘ten tips for woolly-hair wearing’, this is the book for you! What are you waiting for? Embrace hair freedom!

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